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Pireti juures (Dialogue)

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Tere õhtust! Astuge sisse!
Good evening! Step inside!
Tere õhtust!
Good evening!
Saage tuttavaks. See on Jaan Saar, minu onu. Terve pere on täna õhtul kodus.
Come and get to know the family. This is Jaan Saar, my uncle. The whole family is at home this evening.
Tundke end nagu kodus!
Make yourselves at home!
Nad istuvad elutoas ja puhkavad. Onu Jaan istub tugitoolis ja loeb ajalehte. Minu tädi istub teisel toolil ja loeb raamatut.
They’re sitting in the living-room and relaxing. Uncle Jaan is sitting in an armchair reading the paper. My aunt is sitting in another chair reading a book.