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Ma pean varsti ülikooli minema, sest mul on seal loeng, mis algab kell kaksteist. Aga mis teil nüüd plaanis on?
I have to go to the university soon, because I have a lecture there, which starts at twelve o’clock. But what plans do you have?
Mul on veel mitu vaba tundi. Ma jään Tõnuga linna, sest ta tahab linnas veidi ringi vaadata.
I still have a few hours free. I’ll stay with Tõnu in town, because he wants to look around the town a bit.
Jah, me vaatame umbes poolteist tundi linnas ringi, siis sööme lõunat, ja pärast seda on kuni õhtuni vaba aeg.
Yes, we’ll look at the town for about an hour and a half, then we’ll have lunch, and after that there’s still free time until the evening.
Mul lõpeb loeng alles kell kolm. Ma ootan teid siis kell veerand neli ülikooli peahoone ees.
My lecture doesn’t end until three o’clock. I’ll wait for you, then, at a quarter past three in front of the main building.
See on tore; ma tahangi su käest nii palju küsida, ja muidugi ka ise oma esimestest muljetest rääkida.
That’s great; I do want to ask you so many things, and of course to chat about my first impressions.