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Kell on juba kümme! Vabanda, aga ma pean koju minema.
It’s already ten o’clock! Sorry, but I have to go home.
Jah, ka minul on homme pikk tööpäev. Aga ülehomme on mul vaba päev. Kas sa tunned minu sõpra Inglismaalt? Tema on ka Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilane.
Yes, I’ve got a long working day tomorrow too. But the day after tomorrow I have a free day. Do you know my friend from England? He’s also a student at Tartu University.
Mis tema nimi on?
What’s his name?
Ta nimi on Paul.
His name is Paul.
Ei, ma ei tunne teda.
No, I don’t know him.
Ma võin teda sulle tutvustada. Ta sõidab ülehomme bussiga Tartusse ja ma lubasin temaga kaasa minna.
I can introduce him to you. He’s travelling to Tartu the day after tomorrow by bus, and I’ve promised to come with him.