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in a way that includes most people, things, or conditions, or most of the time
showing the characteristics of a particular kind of person or thing
to eat or drink
bottled water
water that has been treated in order to make it very clean or that has come from a special place, sold in bottles
mineral water
natural water from underground, containing dissolved minerals that are believed to be good for your health
an obvious difference between two or more things
someone or something that is not included in a rule, group, or list
to divide into two or more parts, esp. along a particular line
go with the flow
to do what other people are doing or agree with the opinions of others
willing to accept or be influenced by a suggestion
tending to emphasize the importance of preserving traditional cultural and religious values, and to oppose change, esp. sudden change
someone who lives and thinks in a way that is different from other people
refusing to obey rules because you do not like authority
doing things in a way that is different from most people
to behave in the way that most other people behave
to tell someone something, or show them something to try to make them admit they have done something wrong
to fight against the government or to refuse to obey rules, etc.
stand up to
to defend yourself against a powerful person or organization when they treat you unfairly
be your own person
to be in control of your life and not allow other people to tell you what to do
status quo
the present situation or condition
challenge the status quo
to do something unexpected, out of the norm. To go against the grain. To rebel against the system.
fit in
to belong with other things, or to be accepted by other people in a group
follow the crowd
to do what most other people do
make waves
to shock or upset people with something new or different