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Security of Data

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Authorised Access
Someone using data on a computer with official permission
Data Protection Act
This act was passed to prevent unauthorised use of personal data held on computer files
The process of translating data into a secret code, so that only those with the right passwords or key can access it. This single key is used by the sender to recrypt the data by the receiver to decrypt the data
This stops unauthorised users accessing computer networks through the internet. The firewall can be a piece of hardware or software
Hard Copy
A print out on paper
The physical components of the computer e.g. the printe
Information commissioner
The person who head the Information Commissioner’s Office, which aims to promote access to official information and protect personal data
Input Device
Any equipment that feeds data into a computer
Output Device
Equipment that can show the data stored in a computer
A series of secret characters that lets someone access a network, program or file
Primary Data
New information collected for a specific purpose. For example results from a questionnaire
Secondary Data
Data which already exists. E.g. researching information from government or commercial reports
Computer programs and data
Storage Device
A piece of equipment capable of storing electronic data
Unauthorised Access
Someone using data on a computer without official permission
A program or code on your computer against your wishes. It can replicate itself and can soon take up all of the available memory and bring the system to a halt. Virus protection software should be used to detect a virus before it causes damage
Wireless Connections
Two or more computer systems linked together using radio waves to carry communications