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Cellular Office
A workplace that has many small office spaces where doors can be closed and small numbers of people work within them
When time, space or energy is used as little waste as possible
The fitting of people who do the job to the task and equipment they use to carry out that task
Environmentally Friendly
Carrying out activities in such a way that they do not harm the environment
An arrangement were the working day has core hours that must be worked and then flexibility to work the remaining hours as the employee chooses
Open-plan office
An office which is one room with few or no partitions, where everyone works in a shared space
Collect paper, plastic, glass etc so that it can be processed and used again or made into something else
The official rules to protect people whose work involves using a computer screen
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
An injury caused by using a keyboard for long periods of time without a break, and poor posture at the computer. It can cause wrist pain and stiffness
Business activities that can continue over a period of time without harming the environment
Hot Desking
Workers do not have their own desk but share a workspace as it is needed
Technology that allows more than one person to participate in a telephone conversation/ meeting. Participants might not be in the same building or country
Using broadband connections, computers and mobile phones to work from home for some or all of the week
Similar to teleconferencing, but where the participants are able to see one another and share computer files
A combination of furniture and equipment an employee uses- in an office this is usually a desk, chair and computer