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buyer's market
a situation where there are more sellers than buyers of a product or service and the buyers have an advantage
come down in price
to lower the price of one's product, to become cheaper
come in high
to charge too much for your services, to ask for a price that is too high
come in low
to offer a low amount of money for a product or service
corner the market
to dominate a particular market with your product
a hard sell
a way of selling something that is very aggressive and uses much pressure
have good contacts
to know people who can help you get a job or do some kind of business
knock the price down
to lower the price of something
land an account
to acquire an account
line of products
a group or category of products that are similar to each other
make a cold call
to visit or telephone a potential but unknown customer from a list of people
make an offer
to make a financial proposal for a product or service
move a product
to sell a product
preferred customer
a customer who does much business with you and who you give special discounts to
sell like hotcakes
to sell very quickly
seller's market
a situation where there are more buyers of a product/service than sellers so the sellers have an advantage