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adjourn a meeting
to end a meeting
call a meeting to order
to start a meeting (your action)
call on someone to speak
to ask someone to speak, to give someone permission to speak at a meeting
carry a motion
to support or win acceptance for a motion or proposal or idea in a meeting
circulate the agenda
to distribute a list or other information about what will be discussed in a meeting
defeat a motion
to defeat an idea or proposal in a meeting
follow-up meeting
a meeting where you discuss previous business
have the floor
to have permission to speak in a meeting
hold a meeting
to conduct a meeting
lay something on the table
to present a matter for discussion
make a motion
to make a suggestion or proposal at a meeting
move to do something
to propose to do something (usually at a meeting)
open a meeting
to begin a meeting (generally)
out of order
against the rules - used in a meeting when someone does not obey the rules of speaking
put something on the table
to make something the topic of discussion
rule someone out of order
to rule that someone is not following the rules of a meeting
run a meeting
to conduct a meeting
second a motion
to formally agree with a proposal in a meeting
set up a meeting
to make arrangements for a meeting
stand adjourned
to be dismissed or to end (used for a meeting)
table a discussion
to postpone a discussion until a later time
take minutes
to write down the details of a meeting