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Factors effecting choice of the consumer

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Pester Power
Term coined by advertisers about a child's power to pester their parents into buying products
Ofcom / ASA
Authorities which make sure adverts follow certain rules
Expenditure and Food survey
A government survey which tries to find eating habits of the public
Ethical Shopping
Morality when shopping - looking at whether it is right or wrong
Farmers Market
Local markets which sell produce produced locally
Products which try to get the workers are fairer wage for the food they produce
Food miles
The distance which a food travels from its creation to its consumption
Genetically Modified Food
Food grown with genetics altered so the product is improved
A machine that makes electricity from food waste
Trading Standards Officers
Organisation that looks into false/misleading product descriptions
The Consumers' Association (Which?)
Organisation offering helplines for ways to make a complaint when a consumer is unfairly treated by traders
Environmental Health Officers (EHOs)
Enforce laws that it is illegal to sell food that could be harmful
The Citizens' Advice Bureau
Offers free advice on legal matters
The Office of Fair Trading
Government department that looks out for bad trading practices
Manipulation of materials on a small scale - looking at tiny molecules
Fuels made from animal/ plant matter
Modified Starch
Non- food starch that has been changed so that it can be used for commercial food products