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Food and cooking

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Freedom Food organisation
Mark on meat/poultry ensuring the welfare of the animals
Red Tractor organisation
Mark on meal/poultry ensuring quality produce
Battery Farming eggs
Eggs are taken from hens in controlled cages
Free-range eggs
Eggs are taken from hens in open spaces that are not controlled
Barn eggs
Eggs are taken from hens inside a barn where they have room but are still controlled
Egg is used for sticking ingredients together
Egg is used as a 'glue' to cover foods in coatings (eg. breadcrumbs)
Egg on the top makes the products golden when baked
Thickening/ Setting
Egg thickens with heat to make the product more dense
Meringues/ Cakes use egg to trap air and make them lighter
Pasteurised Milk
Partial sterilisation of milk to destroy harmful microbes without ruining the taste or texture
Breaking down of the fat in milk
Yoghurt with additional bacteria so it is better for digestion
Soya Protein
Protein from soya beans
Mycoprotein used as a replacement for meat
Novel Foods
Foods invented for consumption that are unnatural
Functional Foods
Foods with properties that make them beneficial for health
Staple Food
A food which is a dominant portion of a standard diet in a certain population. Usually a starch.
A value for an additive giving evidence that it has been accepted as safe for consumption by the EU
Additive that helps food keep for longer
Antioxidants (additive)
An additive to prolong shelf life and prevent fat-soluble vitamin loss and stop fatty food from going bad
Additive used to make the product more aesthetically pleasing
Emulsifiers / Stabilisers
Additives used that combine oil and water to prevent separation and give an appealing texture
Intense Sweeteners
Additive used to make a product sweeter with less sugar used, which is ideal for reduced sugar products
Additive used to add flavour to products. They can be natural, nature identical or artificial
Convenience Foods
Food products that are already prepared so the consumer can eat it quickly
Cook-Chill Foods
Convenience food which is pre prepared by chilling after cooking. The consumer must heat it up before consumption
Heat travelling by liquids/ gases. Used in boiling and baking.
Heat travelling by liquids/ solids. Used in metal cooking ware and frying
Heat travelling by rays. Used in grilling or toasting.
Starch heated with water breaks down, thickening the mixture
Bulking Agent
Ingredients that do not cost very much, used to bulk out products
Raising Agents
Ingredients included in a mix so it rises
Labour Saving Machinery
Machinery created so that cooking uses less time and effort