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'n moôie vent
a handsome guy
'n ouw boek
an old book
'n rieke vrouwe
a rich woman
'n roôde appel
a red apple
D'n appel is roôd.
The apple is red.
De man is moôi.
The man is handsome.
't Durp is klein.
The village is small.
't Ouwe kleine durp is nie groôt.
The old small village is not big.
Amsterdam is 'n groôte stad.
Amsterdam is a big city.
D'n boôm is roôd.
The tree is red.
Ik è 'n nieuw boek.
I have a new book.
Jan eit gêên zwarte fiets.
Jan doesn't have a black bicycle.
Dat is gêên aerme vrouwe.
That is not a poor woman.
D'n blaeuwen auto is groôt.
The blue car is big.
de geêlen auto
the yellow car
Dat bin geêle 'uuzen.
Those are yellow houses.
Dit bin gêên witte auto's.
These are not white cars.
Ulder bin gêên leêraers.
They are not teachers.