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coffee is hot
el café está caliente
It is John's coffee
Es el café de John
I give John some coffee
le doy a John algo de Café
we give him coffee
le damos el café
beer is cold
la cerveza está fría
it is Jane's beer
es la cerveza de Jane
I give Jane a beer
Le doy una cerveza a Jane
we give her a beer
le damos a ella una cerveza
the wine is delicious
el vino es delicioso
it is John's wine
es el vino de John
I give wine to John
Le doy vino a John
We give him wine
Le damos vino a él
He gives it to John
Él le da a John
She gives it to him
Ella se lo da
it is not John's coffee
no es el café de John
I don't give coffee to John
No doy café a John
It is not Jane's beer
No es la cerveza de Jane