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j' obtiendrais
I would get
tu obtiendrais
you would get (sing.)
il obtiendrait
he would get
nous obtiendrions
we would get
vous obtiendriez
you would get (plur.)
ils obtiendraient
they would get
je saurais
I would know
tu saurais
you would know (sing.)
il saurait
he would know
nous saurions
we would know
vous sauriez
you would know (plur.)
ils sauraient
they would know
je verrais
I would see
tu verrais
you would see (sing.)
il verrait
he would see
nous verrions
we would see
vous verriez
you would see (plur.)
ils verraient
they would see
je voudrais
I would want
tu voudrais
you would want (sing.)
il voudrait
he would want
nous voudrions
we would want
vous voudriez
you would want (plur.)
ils voudraient
they would want
je deviendrais
I would become
tu deviendrais
you would become (sing.)
il deviendrait
he would become
nous deviendrions
we would become
vous deviendriez
you would become (plur.)
ils deviendraient
they would become
je tiendrais
I would hold
tu tiendrais
you would hold (sing.)
il tiendrait
he would hold
nous tiendrions
we would hold
vous tiendriez
you would hold (plur.)
ils tiendraient
they would hold
je m'assoirais
I would sit
tu t'assoirais
you would sit (sing.)
il s'assoirait
he would sit
nous nous assoirions
we would sit
vous vous assoiriez
you would sit (plur.)
ils s'assoiraient
they would sit
je vaudrais
I would be worth
tu vaudrais
you would be worth (sing.)
il vaudrait
he would be worth
nous vaudrions
we would be worth
vous vaudriez
you would be worth (plur.)
ils vaudraient
they would be worth
je mourrais
I would die
tu mourrais
you would die (sing.)
il mourrait
he would die
nous mourrions
we would die
vous mourriez
you would die (plur.)
ils mourraient
they would die
je vivrais
I would live
tu vivrais
you would live (sing.)
il vivrait
he would live
nous vivrions
we would live
vous vivriez
you would live (plur.)
ils vivraient
they would live