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out of the office
not at work right now
away on business
on a business trip
get down to business
start talking / working seriously
none of your business
you don't need to know about it
go out of business
close permanently
do business
make a business agreement
rise through the ranks
be promoted, several times, from low position to high position
climb the career ladder
progress to higher positions in your profession
step into sb's shoes
substitute / replace
follow in sb's footsteps
take the same route (eg. studies / job)
make / earn a living
work, earn enough money to live
make a killing
earn / make a lot of money
make your name
become successful / well-known
make a name for yourself
become successful / well-known
be the brains behind
be responsible for the creation / development of sth
take time off
not work / have holiday
give a second chance
offer another opportunity
be sacked / fired (get sacked / fired)
be dismissed from your job (lose your job)
be made redundant (get made redundant)
lose your job because of changes / decisions in the company (not because of your actions)
go on strike
stop working in protest
hand in your notice
quit / resign from a job
go bankrupt
have no money / be unable to pay back debts