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get up to
be up to
be doing
get round to
finally do sth you have wanted / needed to do
get on with
waste no time in doing
carry on / go on / keep on
go through with
complete a plan
wind down
rest / relax
chill out
relax / de-stress / stop being angry
go ahead
start / proceed
hold / hang on
hurry up
be quick
rush off
leave quickly
check out
investigate (visit place / website, watch TV show, etc)
join in
be into
like / have an interest in
go in for
enjoy / choose to do because you enjoy
take up
start new activity / hobby
give up
quit / stop activity
cut down
reduce consumption / use
cut out
stop consumption / use
take to
start liking / enjoying
stick to / with
continue doing sth / limit yourself to a particular thing
throw away
do away with
work out
stay up
remain awake
lie / sleep in
remain in bed (until later than usual)