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run into
encounter unexpectedly (people, difficulties, obstacles, etc)
come up against
encounter difficulties, problems, obstacles, etc
face up to
accept existence of difficulties / challenges
work / figure out
calculate / find answer or solution
iron out
resolve / smooth (differences, problems, details, etc)
slip up
make a mistake
break down
stop working (machines, communication, negotiations, etc)
fall apart
break into pieces (physically, figuratively or emotionally)
fall through
fail to materialise (plans)
put up with
get by
manage / survive
get through
finish a difficult / unpleasant experience
pull through
overcome difficulties / illness
live through
survive (usually a life-threatening situation)
get over
recover from
make up for
compensate for
fall behind
fail to maintain same rate of progress as others
put off
put back
call off
pull out
withdraw from doing