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Means of Transport

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un avion
a plane
la bicyclette
the bicycle
le bus
the bus
le camion
the lorry
le jet
the jet
le métro
the underground
la moto
the motorbike
le train
the train
le tramway
the tram
le vélo
the bicycle
la voiture
the car
le VTT
the mountain bike (ACRONYM)
les transports publics
the public transport (TP)
le transport
the transport
un autocar
a coach (LONG VERSION)
le car
the coach (SHORT VERSION)
la camionnette
the van
un hélicoptère
a helicopter
la mobylette
the moped (M)
le vélo tout terrain
the mountain bike
un autobus
le moyen de transport
the means of transport
les transports en commun
the public transport (TC)
le vélomoteur
the moped (V)
the French railway (ACRONYM)
la Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer
the French railway (FULL NAME)
le navire
the ship
un hydroglisseur
a hydrofoil
le poids lourds
the HGV