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a person engaged in physical work, esp of an unskilled kind
a group of people employed by a company
To send or transport (a commodity, for example) abroad, especially for trade or sale
the amount of a commodity that consumers are willing and able to purchase at a specified price
to become bankrupt or short of money
shop floor
the part of a factory housing the machines and men directly involved in production
money paid out; an amount spent
To provide (money) temporarily
Remaining after all deductions have been made, as for expenses
take on
The sale of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumers
white-collar worker
person who performs professional, managerial, or administrative work
blue-collar worker
working class person who performs manual labor
The automatic operation or control of equipment, a process, or a system
Gross National Product - GNP
The total market value of all the goods and services produced by a nation during a specified period.
interest rate
the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use
primary industries
sector of an economy making direct use of natural resources
service industries
consists of the "soft" parts of the economy, i.e. activities where people offer their knowledge and time to improve productivity
The act or process of producing; production.
excessive amount spent
key industries
An industry that plays a critical role in a nation's economy.