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különféle érdekek
diverse interests
separately, one by one
Külön-külön behívott mindenkit.
She called in each person individually.
special, particular, peculiar, extra
strange, unusual
Az is valami, ami van.
Something is better than nothing.
Melyik autók pirosak? Semelyikek
Which cars are red? None of them.
Valamelyik gyereken nincs cipő.
One of the children is not wearing shoes.
Nem mindegyik zenész gazdag.
Not every musician is rich.
Nincs annyi hal ahány asztal.
There is not as many fish as tables.
Nincs itt annyi ember, ahány ott.
There are not as many people here as there.
some (undetermined) number of
a few, some
so much
Annyi fa nincs a kertben, amennyi az erdőben.
There are not as many trees in the garden as in the forest.