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Je suis né en Italie
I was born in Italy
Elle est née au Canada
She was born in Canada
Nous sommes nés en Angleterre
We were born in England
Elle est morte
She died
Il est mort
he died
Elle est tombée
She fell
Il est tombé
He fell
Je suis monté
I went up
Je suis resté
I stayed
Il est parti
He left
Nous sommes partis
We left
Suzie est sortie
Suzie went out
Elles sont sorties
They went out
Ils sont retournés
They returned
Je suis retourné
I returned
Il est arrivé
He arrived
Elle est arrivée
She arrived
Elles sont venues
They (girls) came
Elle est partie
She left
Ils sont tombés
They fell
Il est venu
he came