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en lastning
a loading (process), movement, lading
en kniv
a knife
nearest, nearest to
en stat
a state (part of a country), country, land (usually in politics) *
att skära av
to cut off, sever, intercept
my (pl)
en höjd
an altitude, height (maths), an elevation
en jungfru
a virgin (girl), a maiden
om tjugo minuter
in 20 minutes
en synpunkt
a point of view
en päls
a fur, pelt, a furry (slang for person who likes animals too much)
en blond man
a blond man *
en fälla
a snare, a trap
en grund
a reason, a base, a fundamental (ex. grounds for reason) [NOT ett skäl, en orsak]
att önska
to wish (e.g., ~ good luck), to want, to desire (something)