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en faster, moster
an aunt: father's sister, mother's sister (write both)
varje tisdag
every Tuesday *
en stöld
a theft, rip-off
The olive oil
att bli besviken (på)
to become disappointed (at)
Danube (Europe's second-largest river)
att smeka
to stroke, caress, feel up
proper, right, real
en lund
a grove, a toft (poetic)
en växling
a rotation, fluctuation, exchange (usually currency), gear-shift
att riva
to tear, grate, rive (vt)
en kula
a ball [used especially of projectiles for firearms]
att stänga
to close, shut
att droppa
to drop, drip, trickle, distill
ett dörrhandtag
a door handle, a doorknob