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att sucka
to sigh (vi)
en allé
an avenue, parkway [en aveny, esplanad]
en desertör
a deserter
en arrest
a lock-up, a detention room (NOT an arrest)
en konkurrens
a competition, a rivalry (the act of competing) [not en tävling]
biblical, scriptural
ett kungarike
a kingdom, empire, realm
en utflykt
an outing, an organized trip (ex. field trip)
att förneka
to deny, contradict
en synderska
a sinner (female) (extremely uncommon)
att leda
to lead, conduct, moderate
ett ljud
a sound
en rökare
a smoker
ett plåster
a plaster (Band-Aid), an adhesive, an adhesive patch
en hårnål
a hairpin (U-pin)