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ett konditori
a patisserie, café, confectionery shop
ett redskap
a device, pawn, tool
en order
an order (command) (military);
en linje
a line, policy, bus line, school curriculum
reliable, dependable, secure
ett slag
a variety, kind, species [en art, sort] || strike (hit), battle, fight
att kunna
to be able to, know how to, know, can/may (as a helpverb)
en duo
a duo (performers or singers)
ett spår
a trace, track, source, hint, clue
att gå ned
to go down, to set, to touchdown
att flytta
to move, transfer, budge [att överföra]
att förhöra
to interrogate, test (education), pump
en hypotes
a hypothesis
the polythene/polyethylene (type of plastic)