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fabric (n)
cloth, material
local (adj.)
related to an area near you
conditions (n)
the situation in which people work and live
convert (v)
change something into something else
collect (v)
get things from different places and bring them together
there is no point (phr.)
there is no good reason or purpose for something
practical (adj.)
suitable for the situation in which something is used
focus (n)
the part which gets the most attention
design (n)
a pattern or decoration
collection (n)
a group of things (e.g. designs)
combine (v)
to mix or join things together
individual (adj.)
considered as one thing, not part of the group
unique (n)
unusual or special
admire (v)
to respect of approve or something
trend (n)
a general development or fashion
modest (n)
not showing yourself off
confident (adj.)
certain about yourself and your abilities
give me a hand (exp.)
help me
and all that (exp.)
and so on, etc.
as far as I'm concerned (exp.)
in my opinion
to be mad about (something) (exp.)
enthusiastic about
at long last (exp.)
finally, after a long time
as long as (exp.)
to dying to (do something) (exp.)
extremely eager to
just for the fun of it (exp.)
for pleasure, for a joke