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design (v)
to make plans for something
common (adj.)
found everywhere and known to many people
contain (v)
to have something inside
develop (v)
to invent something
device (n)
a piece of equipment, which is used for a specific purpose
instructions (n)
information on how to use something
diagram (n)
a drawing showing how something works
liquid (n)
a colored liquid used for writing or drawing
efficiency (n)
a good use of time and energy, without wasting any
access (v)
to find or see information, especially using a computer
install (v)
to put software onto a computer
beyond (prep.)
difficult to believe/repair/recognize,
phenomenon (n)
something that exists or happens, usually something unusual
recommend (v)
to say that someone or something is good or suitable for a particular purpose
leading (adj.)
very important or most important
available (adj.)
something you can access or use
allowed (adj.)
it is possible to do something
achievement (n)
success in doing something good, usually by working hard
delay (v)
to make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected
fix (v)
to repair something