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climate change
the way the Earth's weather is changing
environmentally friendly
not damaging the environment
fossil fuels
a fuel such as coal or oil that is obtained from under the ground
a building made of glass for growing plants in
heat (n)
the quality of being hot or warm
long-term (adj.)
continuing a long time into the future
region (n)
a particular area in a country or the world
steam (n)
the gas that water produces when you heat it
affordable (adj.)
cheap enough for most people
benefit (v)
to receive an advantage
disadvantage (n)
something that makes a situation more difficult, or makes you less likely to succeed
disaster (n)
something that causes a lot of harm or damage
opponent (n)
someone who you compete against in a game or competition; someone who disagrees with an action or belief and tries to change it:
pollute (v)
to make water, air, soil, etc dirty or harmful
provide (v)
to supply something to someone
reduce (v)
to make something less
delay (v)
to make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected
risk (n)
the possibility of something bad happening
solution (n)
the answer to a problem
spread (v)
to arrange something so that it covers a large area
uncertain (adj.)
not sure or not able to decide about something