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afraid / scared (adj)
feeling fear or worry
turbulence (n)
a strong movement of air, which can make a plane shake
crash (v)
an accident, when a vehicle hits something
cure (v)
to make someone healthy again
damaged (adj)
harmed or broken
weather conditions (n)
the weather situation
compare (v)
to think about the difference between two or more things
avoid (v)
to stay away from something or someone
safe (adj)
not in danger
consist of (v)
to be made of something
convenience (n)
the fact of being easy to use and suitable for what you want to do
experience (n)
knowledge that you get from doing a job, or from doing, seeing, or feeling something
injured (adj)
overtake (v)
to go past a vehicle or person that is going in the same direction
respect (v)
show polite behaviour towards someone
lane (n)
part of a road or track that is separated from the other parts
fine (n)
money you pay as a punishment
prevent (v)
to stop something from happening or someone from doing something
break the law (phr)
not following the law of a country
efficient (adj)
working well and not wasting time or energy
steam (n)
the gas that water produces when you heat it
old-fashioned (adj)
not modern