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archaeologist (n)
someone who studies the things people used in the past
mummy (n)
a dead body that is wrapped in cloth and preserved
tomb (n)
a place where a dead person is buried
treasure (n)
something which is very valuable
greedy (adj.)
wanting more than you need
skull (n)
the bones of the head
a find (n)
a valuable or interesting thing that you discover
ancient (adj.)
very old, from a long time ago
liquid (n)
a colored liquid used for writing or drawing
statue (n)
something made from wood, stone or metal to look like a person or animal
discover (v)
to find something for the first time
hieroglyph (n)
symbols usd by Egyptians thousands of years ago
army (n)
a group of people that fight in a war
something (e.g. a body) is put under the ground
object (n)
a thing whch you can see and touch but is not alive
founded (v)
to start something
conquer (v)
to take control of a country after a war or battle
period (n)
a length of time
the Middle Ages
a period in history, around the years 1000-1500
defences (n)
a system of buildings or weapons that keeps enemies away
protect (v)
to keep something or someone safe
rule (v)
to have power over a country
Empire (n)
a large area of economic and political power
take over (phr.)
to take control of a place by using force