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identity (n)
who you are and what makes you different from others
die out (v)
to become less common and finally stop existing
pearl (n)
a small, round, usually white object that is used ot make jewellery
generation (n)
all the people of the same age within a society
life expectancy (n)
the length of time a person is likely to live
dive (v)
jump into the water
blossom (n)
flowers that appear on trees
multicultural (adj)
including people of many different cultures
interact (v)
to talk and do things with other people
adapt (v)
to change your behaviour so that it is suitable for a new situation
invention (n)
something that has been designed or created for the first time
affect (v)
to influence someone or something, or cause them to change
anthropology (n)
the study of human culture and society
anniversary (n)
a date when you remember an important date in the past
social-networking (n)
the activity of using a website to share information and communicate with people
rule (n)
an instruction about what you must or must not do
behaviour (n)
the way that you behave
show off (v)
try to make other people admire you in a way which is annoying
trend (n)
a general development or change in a situation
privacy (n)
the state of being alone so that people cannot see or hear what you are doing
global (adj)
relating to the whole world