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herd (n)
a group of animals that live and eat together
capture (v)
to catch someone or something
wildlife conservation (n)
the protection of animals, birds and plants
sedate (v)
to make someone or something calm or go to sleep
climate change
the way the Earth's weather is changing
relocate (v)
to move something to a new place
treat (v)
give medical care to someone or something that is ill
lab (n)
laboratory - a room used for scientific tests
take over (phr.)
to take control of a place by using force
vet (n)
person whose job is to give medical care to animals
fix (v)
to repair something
poisonous (adj)
very harmful and able to make you sick or kill you
emergency (n)
serious situation that needs immediate attention
specialization (n)
a specific area of knowledge that you can study
result (n)
information that you get fro an experiment or test
harmless (adj)
not dangerous
zoology (n)
the study of animals
protect (v)
to keep safe from danger
domesticated (adj)
not wild; kept at home
search (v)
to look for something
issue (n)
a subject or problem that causes concern and discussion
suffer (v)
to feel pain or unhappiness
humane (adj)
kind and gentle
conditions (n)
the situations in which someone lives or works
cruel (adj)
not kind
analyze (v)
to examone something very carefully
benefit (n)
something that helps you or gives you an advantage
abandon (v)
to leave someone or something somewhere