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at búgva
to live (reside)
eg búgvi
I live
tú býrt
you live
hann býr
he lives
hon býr
she lives
tað býr
it lives
vit búgva
we live
tey búgva
they live
eg búði
I lived
tú búði
you lived
hann búði
he lived
vit búðu
we lived
tit búðu
ya'all lived
teir búðu
they m lived
eg havi búð
I have lived
hann hevur búð
he has lived
tey hava búð
they have lived
at trúgva
to believe
eg trúgvi
I believe
tú trýrt
you believe
hann trýr
he believes
hon trýr
she believes
vit trúgva
we believe
tey trúgva
they believe
eg trúði
I believed
hon trúði
she believed
vit trúðu
we believed
tey trúðu
they believed
eg havi trúð
I have believed
vit hava trúð
we have believed
at gera
to do
eg geri
I do
tú gert
you do
hann ger
he does
hon ger
she does
tað ger
it does
vit gera
we do
tey gera
they do
teir gera
they m do
tær gera
they f do
eg gjørdi
I did
tú gjørdi
you did
vit gjørdu
we did
tey gjørdu
they did
at grógva
to grow
at rógva
to row
tú grørt
you grow
tú rørt
you row
hann grør
he grows
hon rør
she rows
eg grógvi
I grow
tey grógva
they grow
eg rógvi
I row
vit rógva
we row
eg gróði
I grew
eg havi gróð
I have grown
tú róði
you rowed
tey róðu
they rowed
tit gróðu
y'all grew
tú hevur róð
you have rowed
at læa
to laugh
at doyggja
to die
at goyggja
to bark
at spýggja
to vomit
at eiga
to own
at vita
to know
at tiga
to be silent
at leggja
to lay
at siga
to say