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Modal Verbs

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at skula
to be obliged to
eg skal
I shall
tú skalt
you shall
hann skal
he shall
vit skulu
we shall
tey skulu
they shall
eg skuldi
I should
tú skuldi
you should
tey skuldu
they should
at vilja
to want to
eg vil
I want to
tú vilt
you want to
hon vil
she wants to
tey vilja
they want to
vit vilja
we want to
eg vildi
I wanted to
tú vildi
you wanted to
vit vildu
we wanted to
tit høvdu viljað
ya'll had wanted to
eg havi viljað
I have wanted to
at munna
to be probable
eg man
I may
tú manst
you may
tað mundi
it might have
tað man
it may
tey mundu
they might have
at kunna
to be able (can)
eg kann
I can
tú kanst
you can
hon kann
she can
vit kunnu
we can
eg kundi
I could
vit kundu
we could
tey kundu
they could
tú kundi
you could
at mega
to have to
eg má
I must
tú mást
you must
hann má
he must
tey mugu
they must
vit mugu
we must
eg mátti
I had to
tey máttu
they had to
tú mátti
you had to