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at detta
to fall
eg detti
I fall
hann dettur
he falls
hon datt
she fell
tað datt
it fell
vit duttu
we fell
eg havi dottið
I have fallen
at bresta
to burst (intransitive)
at gleppa
to slip
at nerta
to touch
at skelva
to tremble
at sleppa
to escape
at spretta
to sprout
at verpa
to lay (eggs)
at søkka
to sink (intransitive)
tað søkkur
it sinks
tað sakk
it sank
hann sakk
he sank
vit sukku
we sank
teir sukku
they m sank
eg havi sokkið
I have sunk
at hvøkka
to start (with fright)
at hvørva
to disappear
at røkka
to reach
at gjalda
to pay
tað geldur
it pays
eg galt
I paid
hann galt
he paid
vit guldu
we paid
tey hava goldið
they have paid
at svimja
to swim
eg svimji
I swim
hann svimur
he swims
tey svimja
they swim
hon svam
she swam
vit svumu
we swam
teir svumu
they m swam
eg havi svomið
I have swum
Swim, y'all!
at drekka
to drink
eg drekki
I drink
hann drekkur
he drinks
hon drakk
she drank
vit drukku
we drank
eg havi drukkið
I have drunk
tú hevur drukkið
you have drunk
at brenna
to burn (intransitive)
tað brennur
it burns (intransitive)
tú brann
you burned (intransitive)
tað brann
it burned (intransitive)
vit brunnu
we burned (intransitive)
at renna
to run
eg renni
I run
tú rennur
you run
vit renna
we run
eg rann
I ran
tú rann
you ran
hon rann
she ran
tit runnu
y'all ran
eg havi runnið
I have run
hon hevði runnið
she had run
at binda
to bind
hon bindur
she binds
hon bant
she bound
eg bant
I bound
vit bundu
we bound
vit hava bundið
we have bound
at vinda
to wind
tað vindur
it winds
hon vant
she wound
eg havi vundið
I have wound
at finna
to find
eg finni
I find
hon finnur
she finds
hann fann
he found
hon fann
she found
vit funnu
we found
eg havi funnið
I have found
tey hava funnið
they have found
at spinna
to spin
at vinna
to win
at springa
to spring
hann springur
he springs
eg sprakk
I sprang
hon sprakk
she sprang
vit sprungu
we sprang
tey hava sprungið
they have sprung
at stinga
to pierce
tey stinga
they pierce
tað stakk
it pierced
tey stungu
they pierced
eg havi stungið
I have pierced
tað hevur stungið
it has pierced
at syngja
to sing
eg syngi
I sing
tú syngur
you sing
tey syngja
they sing
hon sang
she sang
vit sungu
we sang
eg havi sungið
I have sung
vit høvdu sungið
we had sung