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at bíta
to bite
eg bíti
I bite
tú bítur
you bite
hann bítur
he bites
hon bítur
she bites
tey bíta
they bite
eg beit
I bit
tú beit
you bit
tað beit
it bit
tey bitu
they bit
vit bitu
we bit
tit bitu
y'all bit
eg havi bitið
I have bitten
teir høvdu bitið
they (m) had bitten
at blíva
to become
at dríva
to drive
at glíða
to slip
at grína
to laugh
at grípa
to seize
at klíva
to climb
at líða
to pass or suffer
at at líta
to look (l)
at níga
to sink down
at ríða
to ride
at skína
to shine (strong)
at slíta
to tear (sl)
at tríva
to grasp
at svíkja
to deceive