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at vera
to be
eg eri
I am
tú ert
you are
hann er
he is
hon er
she is
tað er
it is
vit eru
we are
tit eru
ya'll are
teir eru
they m are
tey eru
they are
tær eru
they f are
eg var
I was
tú vart
you were
hann var
he was
hon var
she was
tað var
it was
vit vóru
we were
tit vóru
y'all were
tey vóru
they were
at hava
to have
eg havi
I have
tú hevur
you have
hon hevur
she has
vit hava
we have
tey hava
they have
eg hevði
I had
tú hevði
you had
hann hevði
he had
vit høvdu
we had
tit høvdu
y'all had
eg havi havt
I have had
eg havi verið
I have been
vit høvdu havt
we had had
tey høvdu verið
they had been
at verða
to become
eg verði
I become
tú verður
you become
tað verður
it becomes
vit verða
we become
tey verða
they become
eg eri vorðin
I have become
tað er vorðið
it has become
tú ert vorðin
you have become
eg var vorðin
I had become