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n. a vertical member in the light frame construction techniques called balloon framing and platform framing of a building's wall.
n 1. a vessel for holding or pouring liquids, usually having a handle and a spout or lip US equivalent pitcher
n. emergency position-indicating radio beacon
n. partial or total darkness; gloom.
n. A civilian house where soldiers are lodged temporarily; a thick piece of wood
n. saliva (another word than drool)
port cochere
n. a passageway through a building or screen-wall designed to let vehicles pass from the street to an interior courtyard
adj. 1. showing signs of wear and tear 2. infested with rats
n. An anticline or syncline so tightly folded that the rock beds of the two sides are nearly parallel.
adj. characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women
n. A layered deposit of calcium carbonate on rock where water has flowed or dripped, as on the walls of a cave.
impossible to see through; preventing the passage of light
n. A refractory brick, usually made of fire clay, used for lining furnaces, fireboxes, chimneys, or fireplaces.
1. a. The act of twisting or turning. b. The condition of being twisted or turned. 2. The stress or deformation caused when one end of an object is twisted in one direction and the other end is held m
n. 1. A row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees forming a fence or boundary. 2. A line of people or objects forming a barrier: