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Je jouerai
I will play
Tu joueras
You will play (friend)
Il jouera
He will play
Elle jouera
She will play
On jouera
We will play
Nous jouerons
We will play
Vous jouerez
You will play (formal, plural)
Ils joueront
They will play
Elles joueront
They will play
Je serai
I will be
I will have
Je ferai
I will do
On fera
We will do
I will go
Nous irons
We will go
Elle ira
She will go
Il aura
he will have
Je travaillerai
I will work
I will live
I will like
Il sera
He will be
Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
Nous serons
We will be
Vous regarderez
You will watch (polite, plural)
Elles mangeront
They will eat
Nous aurons
We will have
I will study
Je serai professeur
I will be a teacher
Je serai medécin
I will be a Doctor
Elle sera riche
She will be rich
On voyagera
We will travel
Tu auras
You will have (friend)
Tu seras
You will be (friend)