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Irregular verbs: prendre

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je prends
I take
tu prends
you take
il prend
he takes
elle prend
she takes
on prend
one takes
nous prenons
we take
vous prenez
you take (pl)
ils prennent
they take
j'ai pris
I took
tu as pris
you took
il a pris
he took
elle a pris
she took
on a pris
one took
nous avons pris
we took
vous avez pris
you took (pl)
ils ont pris
they took
je prendrai
I will take
tu prendras
you will take
il prendra
he will take
elle prendra
she will take
on prendra
one will take
nous prendrons
we will take
vous prendrez
you will take (pl)
ils prendront
they will take
je prenais
I was taking
tu prenais
you were taking
il prenait
he was taking
elle prenait
she was taking
on prenait
one was taking
nous prenions
we were taking
vous preniez
you were taking (pl)
ils prenaient
they were taking