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Irregular verbs: lire

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je lis
I am reading
tu lis
you are reading
il lit
he is reading
elle lit
she is reading
on lit
one is reading
nous lisons
we are reading
vous lisez
you are reading (pl)
ils lisent
they are reading
j'ai lu
I have read
tu as lu
you have read
il a lu
he has read
elle a lu
she has read
on a lu
one has read
nous avons lu
we have read
vous avez lu
you have read (pl)
ils ont lu
they have read
je lirai
I will read
tu liras
you will read
il lira
he will read
elle lira
she will read
on lira
one will read
nous lirons
we will read
vous lirez
you will read (pl)
ils liront
they will read
je lisais
I was reading
tu lisais
you were reading
il lisait
he was reading
elle lisait
she was reading
on lisait
one was reading
nous lisions
we were reading
vous lisiez
you were reading (pl)
ils lisaient
they were reading