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Regular _er verbs: regarder (to watch)

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je regarde
I watch
tu regardes
you watch
il regarde
he watches
elle regarde
she watches
on regarde
one watches
nous regardons
we watch
vous regardez
you watch (pl)
ils regardent
they watch (m)
elles regardent
they watch (f)
j'ai regardé
I watched
tu as regardé
you watched
il a regardé
he watched
elle a regardé
she watched
on a regardé
one watched
nous avons regardé
we watched
vous avez regardé
you watched (pl)
ils ont regardé
they watched (m)
elles ont regardé
they watched (f)
je regarderai
I will watch
tu regarderas
you will watch
il regardera
he will watch
elle regardera
she will watch
on regardera
one will watch
nous regarderons
we will watch
vous regarderez
you will watch (pl)
ils regarderont
they will watch (m)
elles regarderont
they will watch (f)
je regardais
I was watching
tu regardais
you were watching
il regardait
he was watching
elle regardait
she was watching
on regardait
one was watching
nous regardions
we were watching
vous regardiez
you were watching (pl)
ils regardaient
they were watching (m)
elles regardaient
they were watching (f)