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Prejudice towards one viewpoint or against another.
An automated method of recognising a person based on physical characteristics. Among the features measured are face, fingerprints, hand geometry, iris and voice.
Working together to achieve common goals.
Conditional formatting
A feature you can use to highlight values automatically. The colour can be made to change according to the value displayed. For example, you can use red to highlight negative values.
In design terms, this means that all elements of the design (e.g. fonts, colour schemes, position of objects and buttons, animation styles) remain the same throughout the product.
Gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights regarding that work for a certain period of time, including its publication, distribution and adaptation.
Symbols, characters, images and numbers are all types of data. When data is processed and acquires meaning it becomes information. Computers process data to produce information.
Digital product
A product produced using ICT tools and viewed on-screen. It does not need to be printed out.
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Allows the copyright holder or the owner of the media control over the number of viewings, plays and copies, and even which devices the media can be played or viewed on. If you download a film from iTunes, you cannot burn it on to a DVD because of the DRM encoded in the film.
Disaster recovery
The policies and procedures that a company or organisation has in place so it can carry on with normal business after a disaster, such as a major ICT failure, a fire, etc.
The use of icons or text to portray mood or facial expression, e.g. :) when happy and :( when sad.
For security, data is translated into a secret code according to a set of rules in a special 'key'. To convert the data back into plain text, the receiver must also have the key.
A set of rules that people try to abide by out of respect for other people around them.
File Format
The particular code that a file is stored in. Different software and devices use different formats, which can cause problems if a device cannot decode the information.
Flatfile database
A database held as a single table. It is structured with a row for every record.
Formula (plural formulae)
A statement or equation that automatically calculates a result based on values entered in the formula or in other cells.
Tricking someone for personal gain or to damage them.
A formula used in a calculation, such as IF or SUM.
The different things that you can do with a website or other product, e.g. click on a link to go to another page, select check boxes, submit an online form.