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Science-Tissues and Cells (English-Meaning)

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Fat tissue
Tissue that stores fat. There is fat tissue in the heart.
Muscle tissue
Tissue that can change shape and move things. There is muscle tissue in the heart.
Root hair tissue
Tissue that helps roots get water out of the ground quickly.
Xylem tissue
Tissue that carries water in plants. It is found in stems and roots and is made of xylem cells.
Cell surface membrane
Membrane that controls what goes into and out of a cell.
Cell wall
Tough wall around plant cells. Helps to support the cell.
A strong plant material used to make cell walls.
Green substance found inside chloroplasts.
Green disc containing Chlorophyll. Found in plant cells. Where the plant makes food using photosynthesis.
Watery jelly inside a cell where the cell’s activities take place.
Small parts in the cytoplasm of all cells, where respiration occurs.
Muscle cell
Cell that can change its length and so move things.
The ‘control centre’ of a cell.
Root hair cell
Cell found in roots. It has a large surface area to help the cell absorb water quickly.
Storage space in plant cells.