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n. A person who introduces the different sections of a radio or TV show
n. Threat = risk=danger=hazard=menace. There all words for sb/sth that may be dangerous or cause proplems.
N. A short pole with a flat wide part at one or both ends, that you hold in both hands and use for moving a small boat, especially a canoeing, through water. VERB: to move a small boat through water using a paddle.
N. A piece of clothing made of rubber that fits the whole body closely, worn by people swimming underwater or sailing.
Rubber boots
N. A high boot made of rubber
N. Protective covering for the hand (against cold, dirt, etc.) padded covering for the hand(worn in boxing and orther sports). VERB: Put ~ on; provide with ~.
Adj. Connected with activities that people do for enjoyment when they are not working.
N. Foam, light frothy mass of bubbles; nonsense; something unsubstantial, something trivial or worthless.