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Writing - March 07th 2014

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evident (adj)
clear; easily seen = apparent - It has now become ~ to us that a mistake has been made.
offender (n)
a person who commits a crime: a persistent / serious / violent ~
reveal (v)
to make something known to somebody - tiết lộ : to ~ a secret
soar (v)
to surge, sharply increase - Air pollution will soon ~ above safety levels.
plunge (v)
to dip, sharply decrease - This year profits ~d by 40%.
climb (n)
rapid (adj)
nhanh => ~ climb = dramatically rise - a ~ rise / decline in sales.
vicinity (n)
the area around a particular place - vùng lân cận - There is no hospital in the immediate ~.
gap (n)
a space between two things or in the middle of something - Leave a ~ between your car and the next.
slide (v)
trượt dài, -> slid (V2,V3)
exponentially (adv)
(tăng) một cách mạnh mẽ -> increase ~
exponential (adj)
(written) (of a rate of increase) becoming faster and faster: ~ growth / increase.
conviction (n)
(for sth) the act of finding sb guilty of a crime in a court of law; the fact of having been found guilty: She has six previous ~s for theft.
adj. obvious
adjective [only before noun] (superlative merest, no comparative) used when you want to emphasize how small, unimportant, etc. sb/sth is: It took her a mere 20 minutes to win. ◆ A mere 2% of their budget has been spent on publicity.
adj. thin, light and almost transparent: ~ nylon.
adj. of very little importance or size and not worth considering Synonym: INSIGNIFICANT The cost was ~.
v. to be greater in number than sb/sth: The demonstrators were heavily outnumbered by the police.
n. (usually the remainder) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] (written) the remaining people, things or time Synonym: THE REST I kept some of his books and gave away the remainder. Help Note: When the remainder refers to a plural noun, the verb is plural: Most of our employees work in New York; the remainder are in London.