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endangered species
loài bị đe dọa - Penguins are becoming an ~.
have young
có con (động vật) - Penguins are harder to research when they ~.
at the sight of
when you see Sth - Sally recoiled ~ Gerry, who had said something unspeakable. Mary recoiled at the very thought.
v. become aware of something - I ~d a change in his behaviour.
adv.negatively - she was ~ affected by the new regulations.
v. extend, make Sth longer - The operation could ~ his life by two or three years.
v. (fled, fled into ...) (written) to leave a person or place very quickly, especially because you are afraid of possible danger - The driver had already ~d the scene of the accident.
point out
chỉ ra - He ~s that species behave differently.
v. to involve sth that cannot be avoided - The job ~s a lot of hard work.
v. to stop sb/sth from doing sth, especially by using physical force - The prisoner had to be ~ed by the police.
n. a piece of equipment used for sending electronic signals, especially radio or television signals - A ~ of disease; a ~ of tall tales.
essential adaptation
sự thích nghi quan trọng -
adj. continuing for a long period of time without interruption, or repeated frequently, especially in a way that is annoying and cannot be stopped - ~ rain / pain.
n. the tools or other pieces of equipment that are needed for a particular activity or task: a piece of laboratory ~.
adv. adverb of chronic (lasting for a long time; difficult to cure or get rid of)- a hospital for the ~ ill.
adj. severe (nặng nề) - the world's ~ environmental problems.
n. the beginning of sth, especially sth unpleasant: the ~ of disease / old age / winter.
n. a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and anxious and often has physical SYMPTOMS such as being unable to sleep, etc - She suffered from severe ~ after losing her job.
n. (about / over sth) the state of feeling nervous or worried that sth bad is going to happen: acute / intense / deep ~.
adj. worried, nervous
adj. that is neither very good, large, hot, etc. nor very bad, small, cold, etc: students of ~ ability.
adj. connected with or happening in the mind; involving the process of thinking: the ~ process of remembering.
commit suicide
tự tử - women with low stress levels are less likely to ~.
n. a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not healthy: cold / flu ~s.