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adj. [1] (of people) famous and respected, especially in a particular , [2](of good qualities) unusual; excellent: a man of ~ good sense.
v. to surprise sb very much.
adj. [only before noun] opposite in amount or position to sth else.
from scratch
idiom. [1] without any previous preparation or knowledge. [2] from the very beginning, not using any of the work done earlier.
to leave school, college, etc. without finishing your studies.
adj. connected with or using a person's ability to think in a logical way and understand things.
v. ~ (in sth / in doing sth) ~ (with sth) to continue to do sth in spite of difficulties or opposition, in a way that can seem unreasonable.
n. [U] ~ of sth (formal) the fact that sth is preventing sth/sb from succeeding.
n. [C, usually sing, U] ~ (to do sth) a sudden strong wish or need to do sth, without stopping to think about the results.
n. [U, C] (formal) the state of feeling pleasure when sth goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied; sth that gives you pleasure.
n. [1]a feeling of great worry or unhappiness; great suffering. [2]suffering and problems caused by not having enough money, food, etc. [3] a situation in which a ship, plane, etc. is in danger or difficulty and needs help.
v. [C, U] an area of ground that is very wet or covered with water and in which plants, trees, etc. are growing.
v. (with sb/sth) to understand another person's feelings and experiences, especially because you have been in a similar situation.
n. [C] a feature or quality that is pleasing or attractive.
n. [U] the ability to understand and judge things quickly and clearly: business / commercial / financial ~.
n. (way of standing/sitting) the way someone is standing, sitting, or lying..... Lie in a comfortable ~
v. to say that something will happen, before it happens=> ~tion........ Sales were five percent lower than ~ed.
adj. relating to words or using words........ ~ skills
v. to become very successfull or very strong and healthy=> ~ing ............ plants that ~ in tropical rain forests
adj. (aware) noticing or realizing something............. I became ~ of someone watching me.
v.[1]("be ~ed in st) if a person or a thing is reflected in a mirror, glass, or water, you can see an image of the person or thing on the surface of the mirror, glass, or water.......exp: she could see her face reflected in the car's windshield [2](be a sign of something) to show or be a sign of a particular situation or feeling......... the drop in consumer spending ~s concern about the economy
v. to express your ideas or feelings in words........... many people are unable to ~ the unhappiness they feel
n. an amount of money paid regularly by a government or company to sb who is considered to be too old or too ill to work: to receive an old-age / a retirement ~
n. the person taking something from a shop without paying for it.
out of stock
idiom. Not available for sale or use.
in stock
idiom. Available for sale or use; on hand.
n. [pl.] the parts of a town or city that are furthest from the centre: They live on the ~ of Milan.
n. [U, C] (from French) [1]a style of cooking. [2]the food served in a restaurant (usually an expensive one)
[pl.] buildings, services, equipment, etc. that are provided for a particular purpose.
v.(SYN solve,settle) to find a satisfactory way of dealing with a problem or difficulty....... exp: the crisis was ~ed bt negotiations.
v.(SYN insist) to argue or state that something is true..... exp: some astronomers ~ that the universe may be younger than previously thought
adj. a ~ method, product, practice etc has been used for a long time and is considered the usual type....... Internet connections through ~ phone lines are fairly slow.
adv. truly ...... exp: the boy seemed ~ interested.
n. the process of finding people to work for a company or become a new member of an organization...... exp: It's all part of a ~ drive intended to increase the party's falling numbers.
v.(--> intention) to have something in your mind as a plan or purpose I ~ to spend the night there.