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in conjunction with
phr. working together with
in comparison with
phr. in contrast to
to some extent
partly, in part, somewhat....... exp: ~, she was responsible for the accident.
in line with
following, in accordance with,similar to, or at the same level as something.....The company's results are ~ stock market expectations.
as a consequence of
due to, because of, thank for, as a result of
in particular
particularly, especially
with the exception of
not including
on the whole
at this stage
now, aslo at this point
on behalf of
by chance
by far
very much
from then on
from that time
for the most part
same meaning as "on the whole"
in other words
to express Sth differently, often more simply
in some ways
in some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means.
on the basis of
because of a particular fact or situation...exp:~ her ten years' service she immediately qualified for the extended annual leave of six weeks.
in terms of
about, as far as, in relation to
in most respects
considering most aspects of the experience.
active role
vai trò tích cực
family gathering
sự tụ họp gia đình
maternal instinct
bản năng làm cha làm mẹ
sibling rivalry
sự đối nghịch giữa anh chị em
stable role
vai trò ổn định
extended family
đại gia đình (ông bà - bố mẹ - con cái)
immediate family
những người thân thuộc trong gia đình.
physical resemblance
tương đồng về thể chất.
striking resemblance
tương đồng một cách nổi bật.
depend heavily
phụ thuộc một cách nặng nề.
be converted relatively easily
được chuyển đổi một cách tương đối dễ dàng.
be produced cheaply
được sản xuất với giá rẻ
relate to
[connected] if two things relate, they are connected in some way.; [understand] to fell that you understand SO's problem, situation etc.
anti-social behavior
thói tự kỷ
staff recruitment
sự tuyển dụng nhân viên
heated, public, intense
adj + debate
engage in debate, contribute to a debate
phr. v + debate
crucial, fundamental
adj + element [=factor]
combine, differentiate, discern (recognise)
v + the element
excess, sufficient, nuclear
adj + energy
consume, conserve, generate, save, waste
v + energy
common, isolated (antonyms of common), recent, universal
adj + phenomenon [hiện tượng]
emerge, occur, observe (notice), investigate, explain
v + phenomenon
influential, key, pivotal
adj + role
define, strengthen (become stronger)
v +role
play a role, take on a role
2 phrases with role