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sa dags
the day (n)
þana dag
the day (a)
þis dagis
the day (g)
þamma daga
the day (d)
sa hláifs
the bread (n)
þana hláif
the bread (a)
þis hláibis
the bread (g)
þamma hláiba
the bread (d)
sa harjis
the army (nom)
þana hari
the army (acc)
þis harjis
the army (gen)
þamma harja
the army (dat)
sa haírdeis
the herdsman (nom)
þana haírdi
the herdsmen (acc)
þis haírdeis
the herdsman (gen)
þamma haírdja
the herdsman (dat)
þái dagōs
the days (nom)
þans dagans
the days (acc)
þizē dagē
the days (gen)
þáim dagam
the days (dat)