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kohv on kuum
the coffee is hot
see on Mihkli kohv
it is Mihkel's coffee
see pole Mihkli õlu
it is not Mihkel's beer
ma annan Mihklile kohvi
I give Mihkel the coffee
õlu on külm
the beer is cold
see on Kati õlu
it is Kati's beer
ma annan Katile õlle
I give Kati the beer
me anname talle õlle
we give her the beer
vein on maitsev
the wine is delicious
see on Andrese vein
it is Andres' wine
ma annan Andresele veini
I give Andres the wine
me anname neile veini
we give them the wine
ta annab selle Andresele
he gives it to Andres
ta annab selle talle
she gives it to him
see pole Andrese kohv
it is not Andres' coffee
ma ei anna kohvi Andresele
I don't give the coffee to Andres
see pole Kati õlu
it is not Kati's beer
see pole minu vein
it is not my wine
ma ei anna õlut Katile
I don't give the beer to Kati
ma tahan selle talle anda
I want to give it to him
ma peaks selle talle andma
I should give it to her
ta peab veini mulle andma
she must give the wine to me
kellele ma selle annan?
who do I give it to?
kes selle mulle andis?
who gave it to me?
ta peab õlle talle andma
he must give the beer to her
sa pead kohvi mulle andma
you must give the coffee to me